Wednesday, December 06, 2017
By Ms. Studios
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As a Navasota & Montgomery Portrait Photographer, my job is to beautifully capture your essence for you; but I can't always be there, and when I'm not I still want you to have the best photos you possibly can of your family and your memories.  

Christmas may be for children, but don't forget other important elements that are part of what makes the day special for your family.  Of course, you'll want to capture that magical moment when the children see all the presents from Santa adorning the tree.  And the mad frenzy of them tearing into those presents is not to be missed either.  But some lesser thought of moments will help tell the full story of your family's Christmas morning.  

Traditional activities - Are there specific traditions that your family enjoys at Christmas?  Do you go caroling?  Do you attend Christmas Eve mass?  Volunteer together at a soup kitchen?  Your traditions are part of the fabric of your family and as such should be captured.  

Christmas breakfast - Does your family have a traditional Christmas breakfast?  Is there a cherished recipe that has been passed down for generations that you have every year?  Or are coffee and Pop-tarts more your style so that you can focus on the fun?  Either way, it's a part of your story, so snap a pic of it!  Yes, this time I'm actually giving you permission to photograph your food!  LOL

Extended family/friends - Who is coming to share in the holiday with you?  Will you see extended family that you only get to see during the holidays?  Is there a friend who is 'like family' who will be there?  And don't forget to take the focus off of the children for a moment and make sure to capture the elder generations, you'll treasure those photos one day.  

You! - Don't forget you!  Even if it's just a selfie of you and those you love, #ExistInPhotos; first and foremost, you deserve it, and secondly, you owe it to your children!  One day, years from now, when they are adults sharing the story of their childhood Christmas memories with their own children, they will want to see YOU in those images.  

Thanks for reading about how to tell your family's Christmas story through your images.  I’m excited for you to try these ideas and can't wait to see them on your Facebook page because every image will be a lifelong treasure in the making.  While on the subject, you might consider something more than a 'selfie' of you with your family/friends.  Any purchases made during the month of December qualify for the 'gift' of 25% off!  That includes any session that you book and pay for, regardless of when you schedule it to be held.  

If you would like to enjoy a custom Ms. Studios experience and let us help you tell your story, click here to learn more and see if we’d be a good fit.  Or feel free to call (936-463-5893) or e-mail ( to speak to me directly.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

Merry Christmas from your #FiercelyFeminine 
Navasota Portrait Photographer

Saturday, November 25, 2017
By Ms. Studios
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Shop small this holiday season and give a gift that will last a lifetime!  The gift of an Ms. Studios portrait session is an experience she won’t soon forget, and it supports the small business of a local south Texas photographer as well.   

Aside from the beautiful images that will last a lifetime, clients come away from an Ms. Studios portrait session feeling confident, beautiful, and self-assured - read one reviewer’s comments here.   You simply can’t put a price on an experience that leaves you feeling that good about yourself.  And who will reap the benefit of her feeling so great?  Well, you of course for gifting it to her! 

To share the Ms. Studios portrait experience with someone you love (even if that someone is you) head to our website where Gift certificates can be purchased anytime, night or day.

Sunday, April 30, 2017
By Ms. Studios
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There is nothing like witnessing a young lady coming into her own, on the precipice of her future, as she is about to take that next step.  As a South Texas High School Senior Portrait Photographer, I have the privilege of not only witnessing it, but capturing it in their Senior pictures.   

As graduation quickly approaches, the lovely, Claire, is in just that moment of her life.  I recently introduced you to Claire when I had the pleasure of photographing her on the soccer field, you can read the awesome story of that night here.  This week Claire and her bonus-mom came to see me so that we could photograph her softer side.  

The three of us had a great time, laughing and cutting up with each other during the shoot.  I'm pretty far out in the country and Claire thoroughly enjoyed telling Tina she had a bug on her and watching Tina jump!  That never got old and Tina fell for it every single time.  LOL  

Claire is a lovely young woman who has an engaging personality and a fun spirit.  With a strong & loving support system at home, she has a bright future ahead of her.  I can't wait to see what she makes of her life and I look forward to capturing her most important milestone moments as she conquers the world!  

If you would like to enjoy a custom Ms. Studios experience for yourself or your senior contact us and let us help you tell YOUR story, click here to learn more and see if we’d be a good fit.  Or feel free to call (936-463-5893) or e-mail ( to speak to me directly.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

Your #FiercelyFeminine 
South Texas Photographer

Monday, April 10, 2017
By Ms. Studios
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I hear it all the time…  “I love your work, I want to have a portrait session with you, I just want to lose 15 (or 10, or 20, or 50) pounds first.”  But will you? 


We all mean well.  I know I do.  I believe you do too.  When we make these promises to ourselves, much like New Year’s resolutions, we want to keep them, but life has a nasty habit of getting in the way most of the time.  Here’s what usually happens. 


You want (and deserve) beautiful images, so we talk, you tell me how much you’d love to have a portrait session “someday”, when you’ve had a chance to “lose some weight”.  I mean, overall you’re healthy, you just need to shed a “few more pounds” before you’re ready for pictures, right?  You say this in earnest, so you decide to go out and buy a gym membership, or the latest diet & exercise program on the market, to the tune of anywhere between $800 to $1,600 a year.* 


But you’re motivated, you want to look good in your pictures.  So for the first week, you are OP!  (That’s ‘on plan’ for those not familiar with the weight loss vernacular.)  And look at that, you’re down 3.5 pounds in the first week.  Woo hoo, you’re going to look SMOKIN’ HAWT!  But then week 2 rolls around, and you’re really missing that bacon cheeseburger everyone else is having for dinner one night, but you persist, only to discover that the big loss on week one was just your body going into shock and you’re only down half a pound for this week.  WTH?  You denied yourself, you stayed the course, the injustice of it all!!!  On to week 3, you’re extra good and exercise twice as hard, the scale WILL be your friend this week!  Instead, you have a gain of 1.5 pounds.  UGH!  Week 4 is your daughter’s birthday, one slice of cake won’t hurt, especially considering that you worked so hard last week and gained anyway.  Oddly enough you break even this week, no gain, no loss.  The following week you’re sort of OP but your heart isn’t really in it anymore and you gain 3 pounds.  At this point you’re ready to throw your hands in the air and your program out the window. 


Does this sound familiar to anyone?  And what have you got to show for it?  It’s a 6 weeks later, your pocketbook is lighter but you are not, and you have nothing but a cupboard full of shake powder and the quiet desperation of feeling like you failed.  We’ve all been there. 


Consider this alternative… 


Bite the bullet.  Stop hiding.  Book your session.  Come see me.  Let me pamper you with professional hair and make-up.  I have studied under leading experts in the field, trust me to know how to pose you in the most appealing way to flatter your particular body type.  Let me show you how beautiful you are right now, as you are. 

          #tellyourstory    #celebratelife    #loveyourbody    #loveyourself 


And what will you have to show for it if you choose this alternative?  You’re not going to lose any physical weight this route either (even though I’m good for taking off 10-20 pounds in camera through posing alone), and yes, your pocketbook will likely be lighter (you only buy what you absolutely love though), but you will lose the exhausting emotional weight of self-doubt, insecurity, and poor body image.  You will have experienced a day where YOU were the focus of everyone's attention (when is the last time that happened?), a day to relax, enjoy, and recharge your battery.  A day where you once again feel as beautiful as your soul knows you are.  You will have gained confidence and power in being reminded that you are so much more than a number on a scale or calendar.  And you will have a beautiful, tangible collection of images to remind you of that feeling every day for the rest of your life, just in case you ever forget again.  There’s nothing sexier than confidence.  That feeling is fierce and priceless.      


Skip the diet, don’t wait, you’re beautiful just as you are and you deserve to celebrate it! 



*According to CNBC the average gym membership is $800 per year.  The latest popular diet & exercise program on the market today (which I personal have tried and enjoyed the exercise portion of but will not name) can cost in excess of $1,600 a year for the exercise videos and the monthly installment of shakes and supplements.

I am not advocating against eating right and exercise nor am I suggesting that people who are at an unhealthy weight should ignore their doctor’s recommendations.  This article was written for women who are overall healthy but critical of their appearance.   

Friday, March 31, 2017
By Ms. Studios
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Photographers often hear, "wow, what great pictures, you must have a really good camera". In all honesty, it makes us cringe. People wouldn't go into a restaurant and tell the chef, "wow, what a great meal, you must have a really good stove!" Sure we have good gear, just like the chef has an expensive stove. But either of those tools in the hands of a novice won't produce the same results that we can. Just like a chef spends years learning exactly what flavors meld well together and hone their skills to produce a delicious meal, so do photographers spend years learning lighting, posing, and editing in order to perfect our craft so that we can create heirloom quality portraits that will last for generations. A great chef can make a Michelin star meal on a campfire and a great photographer can craft a masterpiece with a point & shoot.  (But I'm not giving up my 5DMarkIII!  LOL)


The tool used to execute the craft is just that a tool, one has to know how to use that tool in order to get the desired result.  Just knowing how to use it though will only garner you average results.  It is the master, the craftsman, the artist, after hours upon hours studying, who knows how to make the tools of their trade truly sing.  Any child can wield a paint brush, but Van Gogh brought paint and canvas to life.  Most of us know how to cook well enough to keep our families fed, and some do a pretty darn good job of it, but Gordon Ramsey can make your taste buds cry with joy.  And you probably have hundreds of selfies in your phone right now, but I want to take the best photograph you've ever seen of yourself.  


They say the camera adds 10 pounds... hold your cell phone out in front of you at eye level in a moderately lit room, look straight on into its camera, and click.  Do you love that shot? Probably not.  But let me put you in the right light and the best pose for your body type, and I can actually make you appear 10-20 pounds lighter before I ever even open Photoshop.  Don't believe me?  Take a look at the image below...  yep, for those who don't already know, that's me.  That photo was taken by me yesterday, I turned 50 a couple weeks ago and my family wanted to take me out to dinner to celebrate, this was just before we left to go out.  How much would you guess I weigh in that picture?  It's ok, you can be honest, I've never been what you'd call tiny and half a century on this planet has a way of shrouding one in a cloak of confidence, so an honest guess is not going to hurt my feelings, I promise.  Full disclosure:  I did a 'beauty edit' on my face which means I touched up a blemish or two, softened (but not deleted) a few "worry lines", brightened my eyes a little so they would sparkle for you, oh, and there was a gnarly green cast on the left side of my beautiful red hair, I touched that up too, but I did not alter the shape of my face or my body in any way.  Would it surprise you to learn that I weigh over 200 pounds?  And that's just a selfie!  Imagine what I can do for a full session!  #noshameinmygame  #justanumber And no, I don't carry all my weight in my bottom half, I'm actually rather top heavy (as those who know me can attest) and quite proportionate.  But that's also what I look like, not bad for 50, huh?  I'm in shape, you know, #roundisashape!  LOL     


All that to say, the next time you see a great photograph, credit the artist, not the appliance.  And, for all those who silently whispered to yourself, "me too" when I divulged my weight, if you want to look great in your photographs too, call me!  

I got you, sister!  ;)  


your #fiercelyfeminine photographer,