Capturing Christmas!
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Wednesday, December 06, 2017
By Ms. Studios
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As a Navasota & Montgomery Portrait Photographer, my job is to beautifully capture your essence for you; but I can't always be there, and when I'm not I still want you to have the best photos you possibly can of your family and your memories.  

Christmas may be for children, but don't forget other important elements that are part of what makes the day special for your family.  Of course, you'll want to capture that magical moment when the children see all the presents from Santa adorning the tree.  And the mad frenzy of them tearing into those presents is not to be missed either.  But some lesser thought of moments will help tell the full story of your family's Christmas morning.  

Traditional activities - Are there specific traditions that your family enjoys at Christmas?  Do you go caroling?  Do you attend Christmas Eve mass?  Volunteer together at a soup kitchen?  Your traditions are part of the fabric of your family and as such should be captured.  

Christmas breakfast - Does your family have a traditional Christmas breakfast?  Is there a cherished recipe that has been passed down for generations that you have every year?  Or are coffee and Pop-tarts more your style so that you can focus on the fun?  Either way, it's a part of your story, so snap a pic of it!  Yes, this time I'm actually giving you permission to photograph your food!  LOL

Extended family/friends - Who is coming to share in the holiday with you?  Will you see extended family that you only get to see during the holidays?  Is there a friend who is 'like family' who will be there?  And don't forget to take the focus off of the children for a moment and make sure to capture the elder generations, you'll treasure those photos one day.  

You! - Don't forget you!  Even if it's just a selfie of you and those you love, #ExistInPhotos; first and foremost, you deserve it, and secondly, you owe it to your children!  One day, years from now, when they are adults sharing the story of their childhood Christmas memories with their own children, they will want to see YOU in those images.  

Thanks for reading about how to tell your family's Christmas story through your images.  I’m excited for you to try these ideas and can't wait to see them on your Facebook page because every image will be a lifelong treasure in the making.  While on the subject, you might consider something more than a 'selfie' of you with your family/friends.  Any purchases made during the month of December qualify for the 'gift' of 25% off!  That includes any session that you book and pay for, regardless of when you schedule it to be held.  

If you would like to enjoy a custom Ms. Studios experience and let us help you tell your story, click here to learn more and see if we’d be a good fit.  Or feel free to call (936-463-5893) or e-mail ( to speak to me directly.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

Merry Christmas from your #FiercelyFeminine 
Navasota Portrait Photographer

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