Comeaux-Harris Wedding
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Saturday, May 14, 2016
By Ms. Studios
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6/21/2015 - 

I’m primarily a High School Senior Photographer and a Boudoir Photographer, but my dearest friend and her lovely daughters have been keeping me busy as a Wedding Photographer lately!

Earlier this month I had the absolute privilege to photograph the Comeaux-Harris wedding.  Ravyn is our beautiful little ‘earth mother’ and one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.  Handsome Treaver is just darling and almost as sweet as Rae, they complement each other perfectly.  Truly a match made in heaven.

We started the wedding weekend on Friday with the rehearsal at The Admiral in Seabrook where the wedding would take place.  The picture perfect couple was dressed impeccably and the rehearsal went off without a hitch.  The rehearsal dinner was held at a nearby Italian restaurant.  After dinner the bride and her maids retired to the hotel for some girlfriend time on her last night as a single girl!  First there was slumber party fun that included girl talk, laughing, a pillow fight, and jumping on the bed.  Oh to be twenty-something again!  Then we did a mini Boudoir marathon for the Bride and some of her maids, rawr!  Treaver is one lucky man!

Saturday began with decorating The Admiral.  The hair and makeup artist showed up shortly after to beautify the girls.  Ravyn was a bride on this day but she’s a mother too and I loved it that she didn’t hesitate to nurse Zane while she was getting her make up done when he was hungry.  The phrase “birds of a feather” is so apropos for Rae’s bridesmaids, they are all just as sweet as she is.  They were sharing the love as they admired her dress.  The DJ was setting up while everyone was decorating and when he played “Let It Go”, mommy and Emma had a sweet mother/daughter moment of dancing.

Once the girls were dressed and the ceremony was about to begin, Ravyn asked everyone to join hands for a moment of prayer.  I love that she sought God on such an important day.   A quick touch up to her lipstick and it was time!

There ceremony was overlooking the water and was simply stunning!  They not only had vows for each other, but Ravyn & Treaver also wrote vows to their children, Emma and Zane.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  I love the fist in the air to celebrate marrying the girl of his dreams.  And the socks on the boys were FANTASTIC!!  (You simply must click on the image to enlarge it and see for yourself!)  LOL

The Admiral was such a beautifully scenic place to hold a wedding and Ravyn and Treaver were gorgeous on the deck over the water.  The night carried on with music, dancing, love, and fun.  They had a bubble exit and Treaver scooped Ravyn up in his arms to the cheers of family and friends.

It was a wonderful weekend filled with love and happy tears, and I’m so blessed to have been able to capture these moments for them.  I love you, Ravyn & Treaver, God bless your union.

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