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Tuesday, March 21, 2017
By Ms. Studios
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Today I successfully completed a 12 week course, my mentor and teacher of said course told us, "We teach what we need to learn". As those words resonated through me, it hit me... I, like so many women, struggled with learning to love myself.  We don't always like to admit it, it makes us vulnerable to do so and vulnerability is such an icky place to be most of the time, but so many of us fight that fight.  Whether because a parent told us we weren't good enough, or a teacher, or a bully, the struggle is real.  

It is precisely because of that struggle that I strive so hard to show my clients they are worthy of being loved. The very things I fought so hard to learn (and occasionally still fight with) - confidence, love, value, acceptance, vulnerability, empowerment, self-worth, are exactly what my business is built on giving to other women. I don't always win my battles, 'some times you're the hammer, some times you're the nail', there are days when I just don't have it in me to fight.  But after a half century on this planet, most days I do fight, and more often than not, I win.  

I am confident that I have value, that I'm beautiful, that I deserve respect, and am worthy of being loved.  I also know that I am not everyone's cup of tea and that's ok too.  My value is not wrapped up in what other's think of me.  That is why, when I bring a client in for a session, it's not for her husband, or boyfriend, or anyone else.  Those lucky fellows may benefit from the end result, and often do, but we do this for HER.  To remind her of her value, and her beauty, and that she too is worthy of being loved just as she is.  She doesn't need to "lose 15 pounds" to be worthy, she doesn't need to "only think of her kids" to be worthy, she doesn't need "someone else to want images of her" to be worthy.  She is, YOU ARE, worthy right now!  Don't ever let anyone tell you different.  And if they do, you call me, any time; I'll tell you the truth, I'll describe the value I see in you, the beauty that the people who love you see.  

I love that I can use what I am passionate about to help other women find their confidence.  I love it because when you find something amazing, you want to share it.  I want all my sisters to love themselves and to know their worth.  

I teach what I needed to learn.  #Blessed  

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Tammy Allen - You've always been my shot of tequila! ;) Love you back!
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Tammy Allen - That's because I need to hear it too, we speak the same language, my soul-sister. I love you right back! <3
LaRhonda - You always know exactly what I need to hear. Love you Tam!