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Friday, January 27, 2017
By Ms. Studios
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At Ms. Studios we’re all about showcasing what is fierce and feminine about the women of south Texas that we photograph.  For a high school senior, “fierce” can present itself many different forms.  Sometimes it’s burning the midnight oil studying for finals to keep your grades up.  Sometimes it’s the perseverance to run one more lap.  Sometimes it’s the integrity to stand up for what you believe, when you’re still trying to figure out exactly what that is.  And sometimes it’s showing grace in the face of defeat. 

I had the pleasure to photograph the fierce and lovely Kelly High School senior, Claire, doing what she loves, playing soccer.  And she’s not just any player, oh no, she’s the Kelly Bulldogs Goalie!  The first time I met Claire she seemed quiet and reserved, but when she puts on those gloves and cleats, she has full command of that field!  I was not an athlete when I was in high school but I am a huge sports fan, so I was in complete awe watching her and her team fight against their adversary.  They were not predicted to win but not only did the Bulldogs score first, they held the score tied at 2 till the very last seconds of the game when the opposing team scored a final game winning goal.  The agony!  They fought so hard, I was heartbroken, and I had never seen a Bulldog game before this night!  But this young woman handled herself with grace and dignity, a testament to the upbringing her dad and bonus-mom provide her, no doubt.  (And speaking of, isn’t her bonus-mom the cutest soccer mom you’ve ever seen?  LOL)

There is a Japanese proverb that says, “We learn little in victory, much in defeat.”  I would have loved to have photographed a win for her last night, but there is no doubt in my mind that I photographed a winner.  I’m honored that her parents trusted me to capture these memories for them.  Stay tuned for more of Ms. C when we photograph her softer side in the coming weeks! 

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Merrie - You have captured the essence of my daughter Claire and your write up was beautiful. She has a wonderful group of supporters and leaders in her life and she is as strong as they come, but has the most beautiful sensitive side that you have captured in her senior pictures. She is as loving as they come! Fierce on the field and a true beauty off the field. She is fortunate to have such a loving family and I am proud to call her my daughter. She is amazing in all the things she does and she has so many more fantastic accomplishments yet to come! Thank you for capturing all of her strengths as well as her strong beauty in her senior pictures! You did an amazing job!