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Saturday, November 25, 2017
By Ms. Studios
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Shop small this holiday season and give a gift that will last a lifetime!  The gift of an Ms. Studios portrait session is an experience she won’t soon forget, and it supports the small business of a local south Texas photographer as well.   

Aside from the beautiful images that will last a lifetime, clients come away from an Ms. Studios portrait session feeling confident, beautiful, and self-assured - read one reviewer’s comments here.   You simply can’t put a price on an experience that leaves you feeling that good about yourself.  And who will reap the benefit of her feeling so great?  Well, you of course for gifting it to her! 

To share the Ms. Studios portrait experience with someone you love (even if that someone is you) head to our website where Gift certificates can be purchased anytime, night or day.

Thursday, March 09, 2017
By Ms. Studios
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Sweet Sophie is a rescue pup who was found roaming the streets of San Antonio.  I've always had rescues, so when the time came for another adoption, I went down to the local shelter and Sophie picked me.  The top left picture below is the day she got to come home from the shelter with me.  Since then she has made herself quite at home and rarely leaves my side (in the early days her separation anxiety was so bad she would literally pluck the fibers out of the carpet when I left her alone just long enough for me to go take a shower). She's gotten better about that now (it helps that we no longer have carpet) and sometimes she even models for me when I want to try out a new lens or backdrop (she's learned how to 'strike a pose').  She even watches Texans games with me!  Most of the time though, you can find her sitting in the recliner nearest my desk supervising my editing.  Sophie is a real sweetheart and would love to help me welcome you to the Ms. family! 

Friday, October 28, 2016
By Ms. Studios
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I told you guys to watch the blog for part 2 of Taylor's images... and I hope you were listening because these images are worth the wait!  (if I do say so myself. LOL)  

The first of the 2 part shoot was held on the campus of Lamar University where she is graduating with her RN, see here.  For this session, we rented a fabulous studio in the Heights (Houston), with exposed brick and stunning light, where we cranked up her favorite tunes and had a grand time.  You're not limited to a particular geographic area with Ms. Studios, being a South Texas Photographer, we are happy to serve a variety of areas and we love to travel! 

I asked Taylor, as I do most of my female clients, "what makes you fierce?"  I loved her response, "I'm fierce because I am confident."  I don't know about you, but I see her confidence in every one of these images.  Her confidence, her playful side, her softness, and her #FiercelyFeminine side - all rolled into one amazing young woman - came out in this shoot.  

I love Taylor's reason for wanting to do this glamour session because it epitomizes the mission of Ms. Studios, "empowering women through the art of photography."  She wanted to do this session for HER, she didn't do it for anyone else, she did it to celebrate HERSELF and her success.  I am honored and delighted that she allowed me to capture this time in her life and to help her tell her story.  

If you would like to enjoy a custom Ms. Studios experience for yourself and let us help you tell YOUR story, click here to learn more and see if we'd be a good fit.  Or feel free to call (936-463-5893) or e-mail ( to speak to me directly.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!  

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