Client Spotlight

“It was an AMAZING experience. Tammy made me feel entirely comfortable and did not push the limits of my comfort "too much". She made sure I got the most out of the experience that I could. I was nervous to see the pictures, but when I did, I was blown away! She made a point to tell me that she is capturing the image but the pictures are really what I look like! I thought I was "just" a mom, wife, professional. Turns out I am SEXY! Who knew?! It was such an empowering experience. I encourage every woman to do this just once. Even if you don't entirely like the way you look or don't exactly feel that this is for you... try it. I guarantee you will walk away from the experience a stronger, more confident, woman. I feel more feminine, sexy, and confident than I have in years. I have Tammy and Ms. Studios to thank for that.”

-Kerri F.