Please scroll through some of the frequently asked questions, if you don't find your question here, please click over to our Contact page and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have that you don't find here!

Your site is very 'women-centric', do you photograph men/boys too?

Absolutely! While we love to empower young ladies and women by allowing them to see themselves how we see them, we have and do shoot gentlemen too. If you look closely, you'll find a young man or two in my portfolio. Ms. Studios loves men too!

Why should I hire a professional?

With the recent explosion of the digital camera market, and even cell phones that take amazing photos, why should you go with a pro? I'll tell you... A smart camera does not make a skilled photographer. Just because your friend, co-worker, or relative may have a high-speed, high-quality digital camera, does not mean he/she knows how to use it to its full capacity and/or is an amazing photographer. While good “over-the-counter” equipment does help the average consumer up their photography game, a professional photographer brings an artistic vision, approach, and creative eye that can’t be bought at the electronics store! Pro photographers can also edit and retouch images and design beautiful finished products like albums, custom prints, canvases and more. Your best moments deserve just that — the best. Go pro!

What should I wear?

Be yourself! Start with your own personal style. Think about the clothing styles you currently have and the stores where you normally shop. Wearing clothes that are comfortable and look good on you will ensure meaningful photographs that are true reflections of who you are as individuals.

Location, Location, Location. Consider the setting of where your shoot will take place. Will it be at the beach, the park, your home, or somewhere else? Imagine your setting and the types of colors that will be there. Since the setting will end up being the backdrop of your photos, it has a big impact on your overall look. For example, if you plan to have the shoot at a garden, a floral print might not be the best idea. Ideally, you want the location to complement your attire but not match so much that you blend into the background.  Another consideration about location is that it is very on trend to go with clothing that is diametrically opposite of what you would normally find in that type of location - a prom dress in an abandoned building for example, or ripped jeans and a leather jacket in a country club.

Colors - A good rule of thumb is to pick out two colors that would go well together & the location. Typically, pastels go well with natural scenes. Primary colors match modern locations like cityscapes and/or urban environments. Solids vs Prints - Overly busy prints and patterns can detract from the subject of the photo, YOU. Your wardrobe should complement you, not steal your spotlight.

Layering - Depending on the season, consider layering your outfits with accessories such as bow-ties, headbands, rain boots, scarves, jackets, and hats. Accessories can add variety to your shots and also double as fun props! Check our blog periodically for new color trends to stay current!

Do you have a studio? Where should we take our photos?

Because we service all of south Texas we do not have a brick and mortar studio location for our clients to come to. More often than not we come to you and shoot on location. That said, we do have great relationships with studio rentals and can rent one near you if a studio shoot is what you're looking for. Choosing a great location is one of the most important pieces of designing your photo shoot. The location you select will set the stage for the entire session and will be an essential element of every shot, pose and, ultimately, the finished product. We often recommend picking a spot that’s special to you, either a spot you love, somewhere you frequent, or a place that best represents you.

Do you travel?

Who doesn't love a road trip! As long as scheduling permits, I'm happy to load up the gear and venture to your destination. E-mail or call for current travel rates.

Do you offer packages, and what if your packages don't fit my needs?

We offer a combination of packages as well as al a carte items to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

What types of products do you offer other than prints?

Our Folio Box of beautifully matted fine art prints is our most popular item but we also offer additional specialty products that are equally as striking; Canvases, Metals (including Curved Metals), Acrylic Blocks, Maple Wood Prints, Layered Portrait, Wall Art, Custom Designed Albums, Custom Designed Announcements/Invitations, and last but certainly not least, custom JEWELRY with your image on it! At your consultation we'll discuss what types of products are of interest to you and we can show you samples of some of our favorites! You can also find images of some of our favorites on our Facebook page.

Can I get 'digitals' with my order?

Sure, we *want* you to share your images on social media! Every print you purchase comes with a FREE digital Social Media file of that image. These are enhanced to look their best in an electronic environment and have a small watermark on them so your friends will know who helped you 'go viral'! Because they are enhanced for optimal viewing on an electronic device, they are not suitable for printing and do not come with a print release. (See question regarding print releases.)

What is a 'print release'?

In some instances, a client may need permission to have the images they've purchased printed somewhere other than Ms. Studios. (This is more common in commercial and/or headshot work.) Because of the U.S. Federal Copyright Law, no image can be printed by a client or a print lab without the expressed written permission of the artist/creator. A 'print release' is a legally binding document, signed by the artist/creator, granting such permission.

Why aren't social media files "suitable for printing"?

Viewing something on a computer monitor and/or electronic device is very different than having an image printed. The behind the scenes work to prep them is different for each. For digital use we sharpen and resize them for better viewing on an electronic screen. But the same process that makes the appear crisper and more vibrant on a screen also makes them appear pixelated and substandard if printed. If you were to take a file that was prepped for social media and try to print it in an 8x10 it wouldn't look good at all! And since social media files have a small watermark on them, it would tarnish our reputation if anyone were to see a substandard print with our logo on it. That is why social media files don't come with a print release, because they are edited specifically for the virtual world and never meant to be printed. We work very hard to make our clients look good, we hope that you would do the same for us in return!

Can I crop or put a filter on my social media images?

No, we have a very specific style, that style is part of our brand and what we're known for. Imagine if you put a 'filter' on the Mona Lisa, it would no longer be representative of da Vinci's work. Ms. Studios retains all copyright on the images (see copyright question below) and as such they may not be altered in any way after delivery. We do offer graphic design work should you wish to contract us to further edit an image for you, but please note that you hired us based on our particular editing style and we will not produce a product that contradicts that style. We’re happy to set up a consultation to make sure our styles match.

Can I make prints from my social media files?

No, 'social media files' are enhanced for better viewing on a computer monitor or smart device. These enhancements make them unsuitable for printing. Additionally, it is a Federal offense to make prints from any file without a 'print release' from Ms. Studios (see copyright question below for more information). But we are HAPPY to provide you with all the prints you need, so you don't have to worry about that!

If the images are of me, why don't I own the copyright?

The person who creates a work is the copyright owner. Thus, independent artists, photographers, musicians, and writers own the copyrights to their works. Copyright owners have the exclusive right to use and copy their works. Copyright owners can sell an 'authorization' for others to use their works, but the use, download, or copying of any work without expressed permission from the owner of the copyright is a violation of the United States Federal Copyright Act of 1976 and punishable by law. Click here to be directed to the full and complete text of the U.S. Federal Copyright Law.

Do you deliver every image that you shoot?

Luckily for you, no we don't! The advent of digital photography has afforded us the luxury to shoot several different variations of the same image/pose with different in-camera settings creating several duplicate images with only the slightest variances. We don’t expect you to have the expertise or the time to zoom into each image to select the one with the sharpest focus or just the perfect depth of field, so we spend hours doing that on our end. Additionally, we eliminate missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions, closed eyes, and/or other images that may dilute the overall product delivery. We also try to snap a few extras of any candid moments to make sure we have a great shot with the ideal expression for the moment. With our expertise of processing thousands of images each year, we eliminate duplicates and any that we feel do not meet the high standards we are committed to providing our clients and only deliver the images where you look your absolute best!

Do you provide RAW files (and what is a RAW file)?

No we do not. A RAW file is much like the negatives of days past. The RAW images require 'post processing' (which is part of the services we provide) to bring out the inherent quality of the image. Most people don't even have the software necessary to open/view a RAW file.

Do you provide videography services?

At this time we do not have a videographer on staff, our current focus is to specialize on capturing still images of you and your event.